By Season




  • Algonquin Park and Muskoka County, Ontario, Canada
  • Vermont, Vermont, USA
  • Miami to Los Angeles, 13 states, USA
      1. Miami to Orlando, Florida
      2. Orlando to New Orleans, Florida/Alabama/Mississippi/Louisiana
      3. New Orleans to Austin, Louisiana/Texas
      4. Austin to Dallas, Texas
      5. Dallas to Oklahoma City, Texas/Oklahoma
      6. Oklahoma City to Denver, Oklahoma/Kansas/Colorado
      7. Denver to Park County & Colorado Springs return, Colorado
      8. Denver to the Four Corners Monument, Colorado/New Mexico
      9. The Four Corners Monument to Grand Canyon National Park, New Mexico/Utah/Arizona
      10. Grand Canyon National Park to Las Vegas, Arizona/Nevada
      11. Las Vegas to Los Angeles, Nevada/California
  • The Cabot Trail and Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island/New Brunswick, Canada


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