Montréal to Québec

Québec, Canada

300km, 4hrs driving

Presbytère de la Paroisse de St-Augustin along Route 138

Take the gorgeous Route 138 up the St. Lawrence River between these two amazing Canadian cities.

There are several driving routes between Montréal to Québec. Québec Autoroute 40 (A-40) is one of the more direct options, but running just alongside, is Québec Route 138. This fantastic road is lined with beautiful houses, plenty of foodie spots, and continuous views of the St. Lawrence River.

Montréal to Québec
(~300km, ~4hrs)

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Montréal to Québec

Major Roads
Québec Autoroute 40 – Quebec_Autoroute_40.svg
Route 138 – 70px-Qc138.svg

Montréal to Québec (~300km, ~4hrs)

Montréal is a bustling city with huge amounts of traffic, and combining this with a slightly unusual highway system can be intimidating for those who aren’t use to it. It can definitely pay to leave your departure time from the city for an off-peak time like late morning/early afternoon. From Montréal , head East along Quebec_Autoroute_40.svg. You can jump onto 70px-Qc138.svg early if desired, but make sure you get on 70px-Qc138.svg no later than the town of Repentigny . From here, the beautiful drive up the St. Lawrence begins. The first stop of the day is at Carone Wines , a lovely family run winery in beautiful surrounds. Make sure you get a tasting and enjoy a short walk around the vineyard. There is a chip wagon called Casse Croute Chez Cocotte just a few miles up the road which you can stop at for lunch, make sure you sample some poutine! Continue driving up Route 70px-Qc138.svg before briefly transferring to Quebec_Autoroute_40.svg. This transfer cuts a nice chunk of time out of the trip, and you really aren’t missing much along the inland part of 70px-Qc138.svg.

Continue along Quebec_Autoroute_40.svg through Trois-Rivières, and jump back on 70px-Qc138.svg near the town of Champlain. The road is more sparsely populated from here, but still just as pretty. The next stop is a cheesery, Fromagerie des Grondines , who specialise in cheese using raw, or unpasteurised milk. It is set in beautiful countryside just a few kilometres off 70px-Qc138.svg. It can be a great idea to buy some cheese to go with any Carone wine you may have purchased for later in the evening! After you head back to 70px-Qc138.svg, head a little further up to Le verger du Roy , a gorgeous orchard just off the road. The lovely owners only speak limited English, so consider polishing up on your French a bit beforehand. There are plenty of orchards around the area though, so don’t be intimidated if your French isn’t great. The rest of the drive continues through lush green countryside, quaint towns all the way to Québec (Québec City) .

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